I ended up playing a lot of Tanks over the weekend.    Limited time beta didn’t appeal, not with a major event on the horizon that I needed to prepare for.    Wish I could say more.   I got a real kick out of the watermark placed in all screenshots, with some code number and my WoT email address, which would certainly get me in trouble if I posted anything.   I’m sure excited to see the final product – I played enough to know I’m going to love it.

Bought my Chi-Nu, the Tier V Japanese tank, and promptly sucked hard in it.    My win rate is 33% with 50 games, and I continue to pound my head against the wall with it, because I need the XP to unlock the Chi-To.    7k of 31k so far.    Spent no free XP on it and earned every module the hard way.

Slow and inaccurate, hard to play medium.

Slow and inaccurate, hard to play medium.

Once equipment sales are up, I’ll be buying a rammer, GLD, and attaching Binocs to it – these seem to be the best equipments possible for it.

Having realized I own the Churchill VII, I’m good on the British front, but I’ve been grinding out a lot of matches with the Crusader anyway.    Not likely I’m going to unlock the Cromwell tonight, but I can keep messing with it I suppose.

I’m so close to finishing the Alecto (11.5k out of 13.5k).     I’m not a fan of howitzer tanks, but this one is pretty good, and would probably be even better with a good crew (They’re currently 84%).

With enough free XP to unlock lots of stuff, I can enter the week ready to chase the big new tank.     I could own that Chi-To no problem immediately.   First, I’ll have to stay calm and just try to get some of the easier nations – like America.    That’s a good enough game goal for the moment.    Maybe just play the Chi-Nu enough for daily doubles etc.    And for once, it’s time to concentrate on my highest tier tanks, since the mission requires 150k damage and 150 kills.

This should be fun.