The big “Christmas special” for World of Tanks is revealed as a hunt for a free Chinese heavy tank – a premium beastie worth perhaps 12,000 gold, the WZ-111.

Come at me, bro.

Come at me, bro.

This is an approximately $50 value if you’re willing to do a serious grind to earn one.

  • For each nation – Germany, Soviet, USA, French, British, China and Japan.
  • Destroy 150 vehicles and cause 150,000 damage
  • Tier VI and higher only

Now, right off the bat, you might say to yourself forget it, I can’t make that happen.    But you can make this happen : each of those seven missions earns you a “token”.   If you cannot complete one leg of the mission, just buy a token for $10 and you can finish the special.

Devious and well put together, I have to say.     My immediate thoughts without looking at my garage carefully, is I can make six of the seven happen.

  • France : AMX AC 46 still needs a lot of XP, I can probably use just this baby and get to the top.    Could also take out the ARL V39 and see if I’m still any good with that little guy.
  • America : M103 still grinding, hardly started the T-21 and the T25AT, and using the Easy 8 just for battle count.    Definitely could make this happen.
  • Germany : I have tons of tanks, plus two Tier X’s,  I’m sure I can do this.
  • Soviets : Lots of these too, including the ST-I, and a KV-2 with a brutally experienced crew.
  • British : The Churchill Gun Carrier is unlocked.    Then again, it’s said this is a miserable tank to drive.   I could probably get the Cromwell since I own the Crusader and have started its grind.
  • China : I haven’t bought my M5A1 Stuart yet.     This one ain’t gonna happen.
  • Japan : I’m ready to buy the Chi-Nu.    Grinding that to the Tier VI Chi-To sounds difficult, but who knows.

Or, if money is no object, buy seven tokens for $70 and you’re done.     Me, I have a real possibility to buy one $10 token and earn the rest for free.     (I know, what an optimist I am).

There are plenty of additional fun specials and missions, and I’m pleased to see the variety here.    Festivities begin about 3:30 am on Monday.     This is good, because there’s another special event happening this weekend.

I don’t believe I’m permitted to disclose what it is.    It should be fun.    That’s assuming I can get in computer time between all of the family activities happening over the weekend, plus being dragged to two Christmas parties by my wife.    Sadly, no more information about the weekend’s non-WorldofTanks activities will be posted.    It may be recorded on my PC for future “disclosure”.

If I do any tanking, it seems the best plan is : Grind the Crusader, buy the Chi-Nu, and play just these two beasties.