After running match after match, I’ve gotten both the M3 Lee and the Jagdpanzer 4 past the 370 match mark, and retired both from primary tanks.     Elited the Hellcat, Churchill 1, and the Birch Gun by unlocking the next tanks.

Only a 45% WR with this baby, but it's going up.    And I definitely have great matches with it.

Only a 45% WR with this baby, but it’s increasing. And I definitely have great matches with it.    High Caliber, in a mid-tier TD.

Also elited the Valentine.    Had maybe 900 xp left over which I converted to free XP.     And less than a day later, I find out the Val may be needed to unlock the next tree for the British tanks coming with version 9.5.    Argh.

Mark of Excellence for the M44

Mark of Excellence for the M44.    I’m not bad with it, am I ?

Credits are piling up again, 3.3 million hoarded.     Probably want at least twice that – then I’ll break out the Tier IX’s again.   Really, the only need I have for credits at the moment is in case of credit-losing matches, with all of these tanks I have to attempt to elite.

So primary tanks include the Tetrarch, Sherman, and Easy 8 for match count, Ram 2 and Fury because American mediums, and the following grinding up :

  • M44 – Will be elite, M12 unlocked, after I write this post.
  • Alecto – 1k of 14k, just getting started.
  • PZ 3/4 – 4k of 27k.
  • SU-26 – 7k of 13k, halfway there.

I took my MT-25 crew and put three of them into the Tetrarch, because I know I want that LTTB at some point.     While I enjoyed having my MS-1 crew with BIA active in it, it would be good to get them started on a second skill.