The X5 events have been very good to me.    Elited the SU-26 and started on the SU-5, for starters.

Finally unlocked the final engine for the AMX AC 46.    It drives MUCH better now with a little bit of pep.   It was a good battle when I did it.

Over 7,000 experience

Over 7,000 experience

Achieved this while being the only guy defending the low road on the Abbey.    That KV-1 either couldn’t pen my hatch, or didn’t target it.

I even managed to get a “Mark of Excellence”.

On the Churchill, of all things.

On the Churchill, of all things.

Then there was the unexpected Epic medal, Levaslaiho’s Medal.

And this, in the Lee.

And this, in the Lee.

I was pretty annoyed – once again at low tier, wishing that I was top tier and could clean up again.      It was the Swamp, went north, and the south got broken through.     Three tanks came up the road, I hid alone, and killed two and helped get one killed by spotting.    This was a very legit Jagdpanzer 4 kill, from 100% to zero, via flank shot.

Then it was time to head to the enemy base for the win, and a single side shot gets me the 3001P and the medal.

Also got the Lee "Stuck" and balanced on one track.      Hysterical !

Also got the Lee “Stuck” and balanced on one track. Hysterical !    Fjords map.

Other than X5’s, I’ve also seen some new things.     If you start a battle and don’t move, apparently this happens now :

oooo.   Scary.

Ooooo. Scary.

It was a typical problem – Start battle.    “Honeydo”.     Take off and see what’s needed, and come back and the match is over.     No idea how many of these becomes a problem.

Progress has continued on primary tanks, and unlocking the next step up.

  • Hellcat : 34k of 42k for unlock
  • M44 : 42k of 59k.
  • Churchill : 36k of 49k.
  • AMX AC 46 : 10k of 70k.
  • Valentine : 11k of 20k.

I’ve decided I like the Valentine better than the Birch Gun, and will drive that to unlock the Bishop.    Four matches in the Birch and I just don’t like playing it much.    Maybe it’s because I cheaped out and got a 50% crew, but I think it’s more that the SPG kinda sucks.

The SU-5 is just as annoying.    Then again, I haven’t finished the upgrades, but I can’t hardly buy a win driving the thing at the moment.

Tier IX’s got some progress for once, over the weekend.   The M103 is now on the track to T110E5 unlock; all upgrades are done.    The ST-I now has upgraded tracks, with a plan to not use free XP on this one.     E-75 is now 27k in towards the E-100 unlock too.     But I’m not going to concentrate on these guys, after blowing all my credits on equipment over the weekend it’s more about the primary tanks I’ve identified and the usual “Pass 370” matches goal(s).