The grind goes on, gloriously.

I’ve been concentrating on the M48 Patton event, and driving the Lee, M4, Easy 8, and the T20.     This is for a couple of reasons :

  • Somehow it’s fun to drive these tanks “for a limited time”.
  • Earning rewards is always good, even when meager.
  • I’m advancing them up the list to pass the VK 4502B.

Remember how much I hate that tank ?     Apparently, it’s gotten an upgrade and it is now considered overpowered.     You know, sometime I think life just hates me.     I will hold onto my hatred of the tank and keep it close to my heart anyway.    This means I must push it off the list of top tanks.

Moving them up.

Moving them up.   The M4, Lee, and JP4 are all working on passing 370 matches.

I’ve elited the Marder II, which I’ll clearly keep.    The crew is a bit XP’d up because the Jagdtiger 8.8 has used them for premium matches.    For the moment it’s off my list as I have plenty of tanking goals to pursue.    I’ve also purchased an absolute ton of tanks, and have a single open slot left at the moment – only because I sold one of my Chi-Ha tanks.

Aced the M4.   This was a fun match !

Aced the M4. This was a fun match !

Total matches are now over 18,000.     I’m not going to commemorate that number, but instead it’s more interesting to see what tanks end up as my “most/least” driven.

I’m trying to keep things more in perspective nowadays, and one of those is on the cost of premium accounts.     At the $50 gold package level, and 240 gold/dollar, premium costs less than $10 a month.    So I went ahead and bought premium, and I’ve been playing steadily for the last week.      If I get bored and quit, then it’s not worth it, but I can always justify blowing another $10.

See you on the battlefield.