When playing a PvP game, you have to be prepared to lose.   Looks like that’s what’s happening to me in City Domination.

Burbank has me and one other serious player in it.    Amahoser.    Silent Bob, who refuses to communicate and recently declared war on Doc Burbank.     I am watching square after square fall to him and there’s not a lot I can do about it.      I can only assume that I’ll end up with a few squares around my workplace and that’ll be it – depending, of course, on the obvious factors.

The "Blue Guns" are him, pushing into my territory.

The “Blue Guns” are him, pushing into my territory.

In the meantime, my ownership of Santa Clarita is unchallenged, along with the 5 freeway down to the 170.   Past that point and I’m being challenged by Amahoser.    So I’m not exactly being completely squeezed out of the game – just out of the area I care about the most, naturally.

Most people playing the game end up bored and quitting.    So will he quit first, or will I ?   I suspect the war will play out until that point.    You can’t exactly have diplomacy with no communication.     I still have one more trick up my sleeve which I’ll try out this week, but it’s success is uncertain and dependent on how much time I want to dedicate to the game.    If you collect enough “5 missions”, you can really smack an opponent around, and that’s what I hope to do to this guy.    The large rewards quickly fill up your inventory, so you can immediately attack an area in force, regardless of how many men are defending.   The 5 missions take a minimum of 48 hours to be ready, and up to around 108, probably to prevent exactly what I’d like to do – have them all ready at exactly the same time.

Then again, I don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole of gaming.    I have a feeling this guy is about 21 years old and unemployed, or a student.     He must have gotten sick of me for whatever reason, and he’s willing to drive around to wherever and smack me down.  I can’t dedicate that kind of time to the game, so I’m expecting to lose.

Either that, the blitz will work out, or I’ll outlast him.    But it’s a bit less fun now, seeing my beloved city slowly slipping out from under my control.