Hopefully I have it all licked now.     System issues with the new PC build were :

  1. There were no SATA Data Cables.     They should have been in there with the motherboard.   I bought some to solve this one, however :
  2. Could not connect all three drives – DVD, SSD, HDD.     Careful connecting and reconnecting of drives results in discovering only one cable works with the DVD drive.   No idea why that should be so, but it is very consistent.   Problem solved.
  3. SSD will not permit Windows 7 to be installed.    The true experts at Sevenforums.com are even stumped.    It’s probably something like the size of the drive (500 megs) therefore exceeding some obscure limit.
  4. Using Hybrid Sleep, I would sleep the computer before going to bed.     Every single day I’d try to wake it, but it’s had a crash of some type overnight.
  5. Leaving the PC 100% on (only physically powering off the monitor) also results in the same crash.
  6. Perhaps this is a service pack issue.    Install SP1 to try and troubleshoot.
  7. Wake up Saturday morning to find the graphics card has failed.     Fight and fight with the system before finally figuring it out – it only boots consistently with the MSI card out.     Next time I think I’ll just remove the graphics card first; I have a miserably basic Geforce 8800 GS that barely plays games, but is great for troubleshooting.
  8. Discover the MSI card claims to need 500W.   I bought a 450W PSU.     Replacing with a 750W power supply results in the same errors, but I keep it anyway because of all the build issues.
  9. You have to watch out for Newegg nowadays.    They used to be a no-hassle shop, but those days seem to be over.    15% restocking fees and unreturnable items are not fun in the slightest.     What really chaps my hide is the stupid SSD.      What good is it if the OS isn’t installed ?
  10. With the defective MSI card removed, the PC boots successfully.   Now, what exactly is the problem with sleep?      Disabled Hybrid Sleep and the PC sleeps OK, but it behaves weird.     I can wake it up, and I know it’s awake because the fans spin and the HDD is grinding away.   But the screen stays black.     Well somehow, the monitor I have does not recognize that Windows is back on.   Powering it off and on will remove the black screen and finish waking the PC.

I am not sure I’m going to build my next PC; I’m getting too old for this shit.      I have kids and a wife who do not take well to the process of troubleshooting, and the taking up of 40 hours + of obsessive determination to make things work takes its toll on the family.

Time to process RMA’s and play some games.