I had a good week with the new PC.   Got things set up and played around with various tools.

This looks awesome.

This looks awesome.

World of Tanks runs with all the graphics options set to high, and looks amazing.     I’ve been playing many matches and I find it fun again – the main drag on the game is the dearth of HD skins available which makes it much less fun to see an enemy (or friendly) tank in the game.

Libreoffice is working fine instead of MS Office for a home install.   I have a good amount of work compatibility, and I don’t use any of the recent features they’ve installed in the thing anyway.     100% Free doesn’t hurt either.    Calc is keeping my budget just fine, and Writer works for opening and (reading or printing) word docs.

There’s one issue I’m still trying to figure out.      You can put a Windows 7 PC in sleep mode, and it should wake up later.     I have managed to get sleep mode “working” on the computer, in that I tested it, it works, no problem, as long as I just leave it alone for 10 minutes or so.      But my usual method is to leave it in sleep mode when at work or overnight.

The PC will always have crashed and restarted if I do this.

OK – what could be the trouble ?      Service Pack 1 is an obvious first step, so I broke down and tried to install it yesterday.    It all went without a hitch, then I slept the computer last night and couldn’t get it to boot outside of safe mode this morning.   Instant panic.    I tried many things, and nothing worked.   I resigned myself to reinstall Windows one more time, after being certain that the problem must be SP1.

As a first step to reinstalling windows, I disabled Secure Boot within the BIOS and found that it managed to boot.    Hooray !     My sense is that whatever is going wrong in sleep mode, is outside of Windows – Hardware issue, and perhaps BIOS.     I guess I’ll keep putting it to sleep and see if “Secure Boot Disabled” does the trick.