Hmmm.  I cannot get the partition and formatting information correct for the SSD.    This is preventing me from installing Win7 on the new machine.

OK – what about installing it on the other HDD ?     It does work….. but you still can’t format the SSD.

Another possibility – is this just a bug with Microsoft’s partitioning software ?     EASEUS is a software that supposedly partitions drives.     And after a quick installation, it successfully formatted the drive.    It was weird about it though – I got progress bars on the screen, and they immediately ran to 40%.   Then they stayed there……. and when I next looked it was finished.

Thank you to whoever it was that posted about this one, and presumably he’s right.   EASEUS is partitioning software without a critical bug – Microsoft’s version of partitioning hangs when GPT has been used on the drive.     You would think, reformatting the drive and wiping out partitions would solve that problem, right ?    That’s supposed to make the drive just like new.    Apparently, that’s not the case for Windows, and it sees the GPT information and chokes.

About a minute after running EASEUS the partition is fixed; rebooted to DVD again, restarted the Windows 7 installer, and deleted the entire HDD partition and windows install.    And attempted to install again on the SSD, and it’s now “Expanding Windows Files”.

I’m not out of the woods yet.    Many other internet denizens did *something* to get this far with their SSD’s but got errors afterwards.    *Crosses fingers*

Not yet.

Not yet.

Fatal mistake – perhaps.   Maybe the right thing to do was to disconnect the HDD  from the SATA cable; what the installer did was create a 100MB recovery partition, on the HDD.   Then it tried to install on the SSD.    Eventually I got the error shown.

OK – without the HDD then.   Reinstalled Windows on the HDD.    Tried to get EASEUS to reformat the SSD again, and it didn’t want to do it.   Jumped back and forth, and without being sure why it worked, I eventually got the SSD formatted again.

I went for it.   I got a new error.   “Setup was unable to create a new system partition”.   Argh.

I can’t return the SSD, Newegg will not accept it.   Thanks a lot guys.     They will replace it, but really, I expect to have the same problem no matter what.    So maybe, all these circumstances, mean it’s time for me to actually install Linux.    Ubuntu is the flavor I’m most familiar with, and apparently a good one for gaming.      So why not – let’s try this out.