I started doing some maintenance on the PC and realized that my lackadaisical approach to upgrades may have been a bad idea.    I now have a hot rod PC from back in 2007, over 7 years ago.     Oh, it’s gotten a hard drive upgrade and new video cards, but it’s showing its age at this point.     And I’m not the only one having hardware issues apparently.

I bought another 4 GB of memory and brought it up to 8 GB total (and it’s nice to have that – no more hard drive grinding as I game).     As soon as I put the sticks in, the PC failed to boot and wouldn’t even give a POST.     Jiggling cables as I put the thing back together, I managed to get it to boot.    This is not how I want my hardware – so fragile that moving cables around in the PC stops it.   Sounds like my motherboard is on its last legs.

And it sure doesn’t help that Speccy is telling me my hard drives are running hot.    Not only that – I touched them when installing the memory and found out yes, they are really hot.    Imagining them failing is not a pleasant idea, even though my backups are current.

With that, I’ve found out about PC Part Picker and I put together a proposed replacement PC.    The website is pretty neat – they aggregate the various stores price information and organize the info pretty well.    A 16 GB memory, SSD – enabled, with a traditional HDD, and a GTX 770 video card.

I am wondering what to do on the case front.    Every PC I’ve built over the years is in a plain beige/black case.     Is it time to go for something with a little more bling ?   The Antec 900 ATX midtower jumps out at me.   So does the Smilodon.    Let’s show it off a bit more than I’m used to, because the tablet generation doesn’t get why building PC’s is cool, but if it looks cool, with some blinking LED’s, that interests them.     Then again, everything I read from the serious guys says to buy different ones.   Your comments on this are appreciated.

At least, having jiggled the hardware back to working order, I don’t have to make this a panic buy.   Imagine having no gaming PC.    I know, those words should never be spoken.