City Domination continues to be a big mobile addiction.

I went ahead and merged with another group, now finding myself the chief of Dark Burbank Nation.    This brought me two active players as deputies, maybe 5 who play occasionally, and also seems to have stopped the constant “Hey join my gang” nonsense I was getting before.     I’ve also completed a large goal – I have an unbroken line of territory between Burbank and Santa Clarita, about 20 miles or so.

The game has settled in to a familiar rhythm.    During the morning commute, I populate squares and conquer the freeway system.    During the workday, I head off for breaks and take over nearby squares and manage my resources.     And I fill in anything I can with men at night.      You can create special squares called HQ’s (if you have many, why are they called HQ’s ???) and these hold 2000 instead of 200 men.    Filling these up, with their 10x income bonus, leads the gang to having a lot of points.

Downtown Burbank, still filling it out.

Downtown Burbank, still filling it out.

The dearth of other players means I can simply list those who are near me.    Amahoser is a real pain in the ass, and doesn’t communicate, and he’s right near me in Burbank.     Guaranteed fighting with him to come, but for now I just want bot squares or undefended ones.     After defeating his attacks he’s left me alone for about a week.

Don Corndog, now one of my deputies, is in Santa Clarita and we see each other pass on the game screen while driving.    It’s kind of hilarious actually – I see another dot on a phone and say “Hey!    There’s Don! ”      John Dillinger, I suspect a high schooler, is a new player in Canyon Country whom I hope to recruit.     And that’s it, as far as contact in the wide open and empty gameworld.

Amahoser in blue.    My row of squares cuts him in half, but I can't conquer his central territories.    The ones on the west are another story however....

Amahoser in blue. My row of squares cuts him in half, but I can’t conquer his central territories. The ones on the west are another story however….

So the question is how long this will stay interesting, and if others will quit.    While my point totals continue to climb, the gang has a large number of leaderboard accolades.

  • #2 gang in LA County, behind Harvesters of Sorrow.
  • #1 gang several places – City of Los Angeles.    Ventura County.   San Mateo County, on the strength of my visiting my in-laws.
  • #19 Nationally.

Having completed the freeway conquest, my next hope is to fill out Burbank.    To do that, I’ll have to drive across town as I find myself “full” with maximum men and money, and put everything into different squares.     I also do the same in Santa Clarita or anywhere we’re driving, much to my wife’s annoyance.     One thing’s for sure – if you can only play while you’re moving, I stay off the phone at home, and that’s probably a good thing.

The game deserves money, given the entertainment I get.     I blew $5 and got the first level upgrades for “Circle of action”, which controls how far away from your current position in Meatspace you can act.      And also upgraded men & money to 12,000 and 120.     Next upgrades are pricier, but I might cut loose with more money at month end.

If you haven’t tried this – you should.    Have Doc Burbank be your mentor for a bonus, and join the Dark Burbank Nation for a big income boost.     Android Play Store link.   Also available on Apple IOS.