War Worlds is coming to an end.

War Worlds is coming to an end.

War Worlds is coming to an end.

Or is it ?    After hue and cry from the community, the fate of the game is now up in the air.   At post time, the game is still working to a certain degree.

I’m done.   I can hardly believe I put up with the bugs and slowness as long as I did.    I would certainly love another space game of this type, but this particular one is not optimized well enough to handle large empires.   The answer to the question “What if MoO never ended ?” is “The game would choke under its own programming”.

I would like to be around to see “the end”, if it’s going to happen.   If someone gets the code and optimizes it that would be even better, since the game just locks up pretty quick when I try to play.

City Domination, on the other hand, is a mobile addiction.   The game performs snappy as hell, unlike War Worlds.

Some of my conquests

Some of my conquests.   Green has been “Rallyed”, white belongs to me.   Red is available to be rallied.

Doc Burbank’s Crew is solidly #2 in LA County, with a large presence in both Burbank where I work, and Santa Clarita where I live.    The I-5 is a major freeway which runs between the two, and is 3/4 my gang’s territory.

It’s good that the gameplay is fun, as far as it goes – there are few players to interact with.    Most interaction consists of the big nationwide gangs sending out various blind invites and begging you to join their gang.    They do this because your areas do not belong to you, they belong to the gang.

When you start, you are your own little gang and you take over a few territories.    Then you get an invite to join a gang.   Bam, all your territory is transferred to the other gang.   Given the large number of squares I control, they’ve all asked me to join them and I don’t see the need.    Nobody is threatening me.   It would be hard to do so.    And I’d rather see my own accomplishments.

The players near me include :

  • Don Corndog, the newer guy who is probably the 2nd guy playing in Santa Clarita, and who also has presence in Lancaster.
  • Amahoser, who is probably 8 years old and attends an elementary school in Burbank.   Does not respond to messages which annoys me for no good reason.
  • Pezzonovante, the leader of LA’s #1 gang and based in Pasadena.    Chill guy who I like, but not enough to join his gang, Harvesters of Sorrow.
  • Monolicious, a newer player in Burbank and part of HoS.    He popped up right in the area I wanted to expand into.    Well, I can go around him.
  • El Sureno, expanding across North Hollywood and only able to respond to messages with grunts.

After going to war with Amahoser, I was soundly thrashed.   I had hoped to keep the entire I-5 to myself and just muscle this guy to death, but he’s defending his area with strength.     I gave up and am just working around him, and hoping his absence today means he’s uninstalled the game.    You can’t defeat someone who turtles up near his home, he’ll have too many opportunities to attack you, and ride the limits established to victory.

There are clearly many other “gangs” in these areas, but these are all bots – automated setups to give a little spice to the game.   Defend your areas well enough and you are safe from them.

Points in the game correspond to income.   Income is capped at a ridiculous 3000/hr for some reason, leaving your points only useful as a way to climb leaderboards – which I love, of course.    And points in the long term correspond to men in defense in your areas.    You get a lot more based on the amount of conflict that has happened for a certain square, but it decays at 7.5% per day.    This means the long term strategy is to populate your squares with as many men as possible for both defense and points.

So I continue to work on a solid line of squares between Santa Clarita and Burbank on the I-5, and adding 200 men to each square.    This should take perhaps 3 months at the current rate.   The line I’ve established is pretty broken up, but you have to defend each square in strength or the bots will take it back from you.   I’ve bought the upgrades to 120 men and 12,000 in the bank, and if I continue to enjoy the game I might blow some more money on it.

Statistics today.   #2 gang in LA County.    #87 gang in the USA.    #61 player in the USA.   So I’m doing well in every category, and this reinforces just how empty the game is and how likely you are to dominate if you just keep playing.   Keep playing is my strength.