And we now have a release date for 1.8 – September 2nd.    Many changes coming and I’m looking forward to them.   In the meantime, World 117 continues to be improved.

Towers are now mostly complete.

Definitely look impressive.

Definitely looks impressive.

The idea was to build them into the mountains, so I have a castle in the valley end of a mountain, and I’ve succeeded in that.   Each has a stairway, accessed from the inside of the lower castle, that leads all the way up to the top; although, I need to put in actual stairs at some point.   The center of both towers is mostly empty space, which would certainly hide a lot of monsters, and that wouldn’t be good.   I’ve managed to seal both off with doors in various spots along the stairs, and will fill in the empty space with cobble or something as time and interest permits.

Map is coming along

Map is coming along

The bottom map is the area around my base, with the following three going north.   That’s the 7000 block north, and just northeast of that is the closest Ice Spikes biome, which I’ve now added to the collection.

There it is !

There it is !

It sure is visually impressive, but there doesn’t seem to be any interesting blocks in there.   Just ice.   lots of ice.    And since ice melts, unlike snow blocks, it’s hard to be interested in harvesting any.

Much of the week has been spent mining diamonds and collecting a large number of them.    With two full stacks of diamonds, I’m doing very well.     I now have a pick with unbreaking and fortune on it – Iron, but oh well – as well as a silk touch pick.    I can easily enchant more diamond tools however.

It seems that putting spells at Level 30 onto books is for chumps.   I’ve got perhaps 20 books enchanted, and I got a single unbreaking out of all of that.   Many of the enchantments were not wanted.    But I put enchantments directly onto tools and get what I want immediately.    As tough as it is to get diamonds, it’s harder to successfully enchant tools with books, so I think I’m done with that avenue of the game.

Never seen that before.

Never seen that before.   Grass growing near bedrock.

Currently digging out an abandoned mineshaft in the middle of an extensive cave system with tons of good resources.

All the comforts of home.

All the comforts of home.

Digging up diamonds and iron is the first priority; getting stacks of wood products and fences is a nice second one.