City Domination is a new entrant in the geo-located category of games.     The game gets a GPS fix (or from Wifi or Cell towers in its absence) and places you in the world where it finds you.     The world has a grid superimposed on it of territories, and you (and your gang) take them over for income, territory, fame and fortune.

Hanging out in Santa Clarita CA

Hanging out in Santa Clarita CA

The gameplay is dead simple, with a number of limiting features.    #1, you can only have $10,000 at any one time.    #2, you can only have 100 men in your “inventory” at any time.      Your men enable you to either defend your existing territories, or attack and conquer new ones, and can be purchased for the low price of $100 each, corresponding with the $10k in your bank.

Start off by spying on a new territory within your circle of activity.     The game will report how many enemy players are there, and attack with a few more than that to take possession of the square.    Then defend.

It would probably be thoroughly boring except for the addition of the “rally” mechanic.     Once per day, you are able to steal a certain number of men from a territory by being in it and rallying.     The reward is 1-3 men, not much, but when you are a passenger in a car this gives you a new way to be antisocial on your phone take over additional areas.     You can ignore the game for awhile and let your money build up, then attack, if you choose as well; or if you’re not driving about.

Doc Burbank and his gang – oh, wait, I’ve not recruited anyone – are in 7th place in Los Angeles County,with a presence in many other states after my recent vacation.      This is turning out to be a much better mobile game than War Worlds for multiple reasons.

Of course, blow real life money on powerups to really take over.

Of course, blow real life money on powerups to really take over.

War Worlds continues to crash often if I scroll the map, which has fed frustration and leads me to pretty much give up the game.    I do have 9 million people in my empire, but the killer mechanics are very simple.

5000 ship limit.    The game only lets you build 5000 at a time.    I am now at the stage of the game where I want a 120 day queue for each planet, and have some systems which can finish 5000 ships in 4 days.     To input that many 5000 queues is just boring drudgery.     Combining so many into one stack from 5000 ships groups sucks too.     I was already questioning my sanity in sitting on my phone playing it constantly, but vacation and a new game really brought it into focus.    So I am barely keeping up with the game drama, and trying to keep starting new queues when I have a few minutes.    And that’s about it for War Worlds.

So many ships.    No movement on population in quite a while.

So many ships. No movement on population in quite a while.