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When you’re not really deeply playing a rich game – it’s hard to blog regularly.    Nevertheless, plenty of gaming is going on.

I have reached the 9 million person mark in War Worlds, and continue to prosecute the war against Germania.    Bugs and memory leaks are on the developers mind but not yet fixed as of post time.    This is making it harder to fight Germania but not impossible, fighters continue to sweep northward and crush stars, but my last reserves are ready to come out sometime on Sunday.   We’ll see how it all comes out – will I make it, and drive a wedge clean through Germania, or will other alliance members ?

Facebook games got a new lease on life for me.    Currently playing Criminal Case; this is in the genre of I-Spy, where you need to find items and the quicker you do it, the more you score.    The pacing is well done, and it’s more of a story telling game, with you being a police detective investigating murders.

Poking around on the docks, looking for murder evidence.

Poking around on the docks, looking for murder evidence.

Having analyzed some evidence, I'm going to find out what it means.

Having analyzed some evidence, I’m going to find out what it means.

The story unfolds at a good pace, since you only get a certain amount of energy per day, and offering perfectionists and competitive types the chance to be better than your friends.    Try it out – I’m enjoying this.

Then there’s Sparta, which is an Evony-like game where you are a Spartan resisting the Persian empire’s invasion.    This one is interesting at the moment, as I build up my city with various improvements, but if I find myself getting an Evony-style stomping I’m sure I’ll drop it.

My City.   Under construction.

My City. Under construction.

Also, the Steam sale is also ongoing.    I am making a lot of cheap purchases, but playing few of them.   I did pick up Banished and Papers, Please, and will probably write about them if I manage to play them for awhile.    Why, exactly, I’m blowing money on games I’m not playing is not something I feel like analyzing.     What I can say is, if it’s still on sale, buy the Stanley Parable.    It’s silly, but completely original.

I’ve begun once again to play World of Tanks.    Much, much fewer matches than I have in the past – maybe 4 or 5 a night.   Completed the goal of getting the Jagdtiger the magic 371 matches to pass my hated VK4502B, and working on a bunch of lower tier tanks at the moment.     There are new maps which I don’t play well; edited maps which trip me up unexpectedly; and the usual fun 15-minutes-a-time gaming.

What is very unwelcome are the HD graphics now expanding outwards for all tanks – this means that all my beautiful skins are GONE !    The process of making everything HD compatible required the file structure to change, so the old skins don’t work.   To skin a tank is still possible, but nobody seems to be doing it, and I’m no artist to be able to do so myself.    I have maybe 5 of them in HD versions, but I’m discouraged that the others may never get anything cool.

Playing my Tier 9’s all the way down the line, I still find myself most enjoying the Tier 1 matches in my Loltracker, which is maybe 50 matches away from 371.    Maybe I should just grind that up to 1000 matches like my MS-1.