The war against Germania is going well.

First off, the combined blitz of three large and active alliances, all hitting him and his alt empires, at the same time – seems to have killed his fighting spirit.    At least at his main empire, absolutely no resistance is being offered, so that’s very good news for me as I attack and expand.    It’s tough enough to deal with the fighters all parked on his many worlds.

I took Omaha beachhead / wormhole.   In honor of the recent D-Day anniversary, each wormhole got named after either a D-Day beach or a similarly WW II – ish name.    And with no opposition my victory was assured.

After the wormhole landed, my fleet started flying.

After the wormhole landed, my fleet started flying.

Initially I took two of his stars in a V , north of the wormhole.    Once conquered, I went after four more stars north and east/west.    These were taken this morning, and I now have fleets on the way to an additional four stars in a roughly northerly direction.

State of the fighting at the moment

State of the fighting at the moment

Gold Beachhead featured a fighter/troopship blitz by Rice Cracker across Germania, wiping out his colonies, with subsequent colonization for a Forward Operating Base, or a “FOB” in alliancespeak.

Omaha Beachhead features my slow and thorough elimination of Germans, at the speed of colony ships.    I was kind of hoping for some counterattack, but nothing has materialized so far.

Utah Beachhead features the guy who was threatened with extinction in the past, S-10 Fury, moving fleets in with lesser strength and taking out plenty of enemy strongholds.

My goal is to go northward, seeing how things go on either side.    I am pretty confident Gold is completely OK and will be dealt with thoroughly.   Utah may be a bit slow, and so we’ll see if I continue to have the strength to move forward and perhaps branch out easterly to continue the destruction.

Detail of flights in progress over Omaha

Detail of flights in progress over Omaha

So far, the only limiting factor is fuel.    I’m spending millions moving all these fighters around.   But with my income rarely being exceeded in the past, why worry ?    At the moment I am trying to burn through funds received from the alliance with limited success; not a bad thing at all !

The crunch will come when I don’t have enough fighters to continue to fight, which will probably happen at some point.     I have alternate wormholes which can be connected to others and send through more fighters, so that is a limited problem.

In the meantime, there are also interesting developments.   Maybe two, three weeks ago I began to submit constant bug reports.   Previously, I had just gotten the crash reports and clicked OK.    I began to wonder, is the information reaching Dean the developer about just how crashy his game is ?

I think I know the answer now.   Nope.   He wasn’t aware, or didn’t have the right information to deal with it.    As of yesterday we received the second bug fix patch which has improved performance a fair amount and has removed some crashes.   Yay !

Still waiting on the leaderboard fix however.