Update of major importance for War Worlds – you don’t have to collect taxes anymore.     They simply auto-magically appear as funds for you to spend.

Given the number of issues revolving around collecting taxes, this is a slam dunk excellent idea.    It helps me out a lot as I consider if I need to cap my empire at a certain size – the biggest guy, Cakies, had not been getting taxes at all, and it’s likely because of size.    So I can just continue to expand like a virus, which is where the fun in the game is.

I finally started to just ….. completely ignore the sitrep.    My systems complete fighters, and I just don’t care, I mark the notices as read.     This is helping me to actually continue to expand, as phone time with the game otherwise turns into “World of Fighter Building”.     Going to rely on my money a little more, to protect me from any invasion of which I see absolutely no sign.

Sitting at 7.1 million population, # 6 worldwide, and 500k behind the next guy up.