Continuing my exploration of duty officers in Star Trek Online.

Point the First : The in-game systems claims you will get additional duty officers at level 18.    That didn’t happen for me – the quest should pop up and be automatically accepted and it wasn’t.    Attempting to hail Lieutenant Ferra was not successful either.     This was disappointing, but so be it.

Point the Second : I reached the first commendation level for Development type duty officer missions.     One of the rewards is supposed to be a “Green-quality duty officer” you get to select.     If I have the ability to select it, I have no idea how.    Sounds like, again, another bug.    Am I not going to get ANY duty officers by progressing the commendation system ?

Remind me again, how that is supposed to convince me to pay money for this stuff ?

I feel the pull of buying duty officer packs, but not if the *only* method I have to acquire them is with real money.

Those were the bad news points.    The good news :

Point the Third : I found out I can get free duty officers.     The cooldown is something like 72 hours, but there are three officers standing around on Starfleet Academy who will give you duty officer missions to get more duty officers.     Tellarian and Andorians are off to the north-west side of Lieutenant Ferra’s building – the round dome on the north of the map.    The Vulcan officer is standing near the south near a bridge.  You can also get more officers from a non-named human lieutenant behind Ferra.

Maybe these ones will make up for the ones I am supposed to get from other means.    Then again, they’re lower quality guys.

Point the Fourth : Isn’t this a Star Trek game ?    I played a foundry mission last night, as part of the constant quest to acquire more dilithium, known in the real world as currency, which of course I want in order to buy more duty officers.    The mission was highly rated and yet I couldn’t make myself that interested in it.    I wanted to know how my duty officer timers were going.    This dynamic still exists, especially with me having to delay the next main storyline mission due to excess difficulty.    So instead, I’m playing the card game.

Point the Fifth : It’s fun to log in quickly and repeatedly, to check your duty officer timers.    I can’t do it everywhere I am given that this is not Farmville (Browser based and no install), but I can log in no matter what’s going on at home, and in 10 minutes or so update the various missions.    This works especially well around Earth, as I can jump quickly between Spacedock, Starfleet academy, Earth orbit, and Sector space – and get slightly different duty officer missions each time.

And I am very close to Level 20 and a free Heavy Cruiser.