I noticed that Star Trek Online is now intergrated with Steam, and I thought to myself, why not check this out one more time ?

I spent some time futzing with the installation – it would have been nice to copy the old install to the Steam one and save downloading.     But I didn’t work very hard at it, and gave up quickly.    Got logged in after trying to figure out what my password was etc, and I got a strange message that I ignored.

The screen asked me if I wanted to link my Cryptic account.    Now, I don’t remember this game that well, and hadn’t realized that the new owners are not Cryptic.     So I clicked no, and then got a surprise when logging in.

So - where are they ?

So – where are they ?

As I try to decide what to do, I realize that I hardly remember the details of the game and I don’t have much of a connection to the old characters.   Screw it.    I’ll just start over again.    Reviewing my blog really reinforces that message – I apparently had two characters in their teens.   Nothing else stood out about them, but the game certainly is fun.

This is where MMO’s have gone, with the constant emphasis on new games and different worlds to play – the characters in this one just don’t matter at all to me.  It’s inevitable really – you can only remember so many things after all.   Perhaps it will be different a second time around.   So instead, I created a new character.

I have no idea what's going on here, there's so many options.

I have no idea what’s going on here, there’s so many options.

Playing the Tutorial with my new tactical officer Hammner, I had quite a blast.     They certainly have improved the missions – both that I did, feel like an episode of Star Trek.    The smart addition of a mission name in big bold letters certainly helps.    The voiceovers are nice but I kept wishing I could skip over them.    And it’s nice to not be fighting the Borg like they are just cardboard cutouts to bowl over – ship to ship makes it much more interesting.

Now to reach level 11 so I can take advantage of the fun with Duty Officers.