My continuing efforts to find the right balance, and the right way to play, for War Worlds have taken a new turn.

I realized that playing the game is to an important degree, playing the sitrep.    This tells you what happened in your empire, so it tends to make you think you should never miss an entry.     This is what I think was driving me crazy about the game – I was pursuing keeping the thing empty, and making sure never to miss anything, going back many levels if required.    That’s not the real fun – the real fun is expanding your empire.

If I end up quitting, that’s the place where you definitely lose the game.    Do you lose if, say, some of your planets aren’t producing ?   Nope.     I need to depend more on my bank balance, than making sure I’m definitely building fighters everywhere for “free” defense.    I’ve banked $76 million to date, and it shows no signs of slowing down.   Add to the analysis the obvious fact that I have no active neighbors, and it’s even more clear.

I’ve spent the past week clearing out the sitrep one screen deep.    I am sure I’m missing reports.    But so what ?    I am catching a bunch of them and continuing fighter production, and anything I miss related to expansion is dealt with by reviewing the map.    And it seems to work – if I have time to spend, I sitrep first, then dig into the map.

Civilization 5 games continue.    My game with Shaka Zulu became a walkover and a domination win.    I decided to up the difficulty level one more to Warlord and try that.     But first, I dug through the list of achievements for other ideas about ones to earn.    And I noticed there were some related to the Civil War scenarios.

I’ve not played a lot of scenarios in the game, to date.    The Civil War one is nicely balanced and fun.    The goal is simple – take Richmond, or take DC.    Depending obviously on what side you get.     I wasn’t given the option to select it when I started the game, but I took Washington as the Confederates and got my next achievement.    I liked the game and will have to try it a few more times, probably on higher difficulties.