On the gaming front, I’ve found myself getting sick of the grind in War Worlds.    It is a huge effort to continue to build fighters on my planets.    Am I really enjoying myself, if I’m constantly checking my phone for Sitreps about fighter building ?    And where if I get a little bit behind, the pressure on losing the production from being buried among my 1500 stars, frustrates me into staying on the treadmill ?   I don’t know.   Maybe I’m about done with the game here.

Some simple fixes would change this.     I build no more than 5,000 fighters at a time, by game design.   Why ?    If I want a longer queue, to keep the sitrep from constantly going off, I just build 7-10 stacks of 5000 at a time.    And then, the sitrep gets overwhelmed from having multiple queues of 10 finish.

My thought of creating these massive silmultaneous queues didn’t end up working to make the game easier.    It just delayed the inevitable burnout from massive sitreps.

A fix to allow me to build 50,000 fighters or more would solve the problem.    And you’d get a single sitrep report announcing that fact, keeping the “overwhemination” to a minimum.

At the moment, I’m just ignoring it all and seeing if I’ll find myself determined to grind on sometime during the week.

Fallen Earth has seen a week of tradeskilling.    I finally got around to building first my ATV, and then the Motorcycle mounts.

There's my motorcycle

There’s my motorcycle

You can only get your vehicles after grinding some 6 hour + recipes many times.    I then find myself working on “Improved” components for these vehicles, starting with Engines.    I’ll see where that leads, at some point.    Currently working on the recipe for that.

Now I am out of Scrap Steel and need to do some serious harvesting to get it, but not sure where it might be.    Quick googling tells me to go back to South Burb in S1.   I’ve been doing all my crafting in New Flagstaff having reached level 23 and needing a lot of XP to move up in levels.

The Center Park in New Flagstaff

The Center Park in New Flagstaff

This is not a bad place to craft – three vault types all together, and your stable/garage manager just behind me in this screenshot.   That way you can access mount inventories for more storage.

I completed Mafia II.   It’s an odd feeling getting to the “end” of a game nowadays – last game I remember playing that ended was Fallout 3.    An excellent game that I may continue to mess with just to increase my inventory of steam achievements.

And that brings the blog more up to date.