God yes !    I’ve been waiting for years !    It finally seems to have happened – retro gaming is returning to Los Angeles.

A friend circulated the news on Facebook about 82 – also know as eightytwo.la – which is a new barcade now open somewhere in Downtown.   Seems opening weekend was March 28th.    Googling revealed that not only is this one man’s private collection – he’s getting pinball machines from someone else’s, Molly’s Pins and Needles.

See a real estate blogger’s entry with pictures, and salivate with anticipation like me.

Pins and Needles has apparently been open for the past year, but it’s not the barcade format – it’s more for the hardcore kind of guy.    I’m hardcore (or I used to be), but none of my friends are.   With an actual barcade I should be able to make it down there with the crew and we’ll all have a blast.

I note with approval there’s an actual Star Wars Cockpit game, which I would love to play again; Lunar Lander, naturally; Tempest, not something I’ve seen for many years; Street Fighter 2 which I’ll again kill all my buds at; and the immortal Space Invaders, naturally.

Have you been there ?   Plan to go ?   I’d love to hear about it.    Or about any barcades worldwide, I know there are many in America, concentrated in the Chicago area if memory serves.