War Worlds continues, at a slower pace given I attended and presented at a professional conference this week.

Neutral Good has been eliminated, and I have a stable and flat northern border in the game.     I have Coricyn (Inactive) on my northwest and northeast is empty.     So since you always need a goal to keep your interest in a game like this, I’ve decided to see if I can double my empire size and “Square off” the western portion of my border.    What on earth do I mean, “Square off”?

Everything on the west is a ragged mess of curves, and twists across the map.    From the border with Inkdium (Inactive also), I am going to attempt to go straight south and establish a more solid line.     It’s not easy to tell, but I believe this is a gigantic area of space.    Since my only neighbors are the cluster of empires north-east, and I have to go after natives to expand, this seems like a reasonable idea.

Drawing a line with systems on the west.

Drawing a line with systems on the west.

I went ahead and looked around for other empires.    Several screens west (and south) of Inkdium are a couple of multi star empires, small things.     I can be prepared for these people.     Several screens east of my northeast corner is what could be a growing empire.

The MIGHTY Vodkarians.   I wonder what he drinks.

The MIGHTY Vodkarians. I wonder what he drinks.

Very small empire, need to monitor.

Very small empire, need to monitor.

There’s not much need to worry, most empires in the game are inactive, plus he’s small.     So I will continue to assume I’m all alone in this quadrant of the galaxy and eat the natives.

It’s amazing how much time this game can eat up.    At this stage of the game, I can play an unlimited amount based on the game rules – just expand across the entire border.    But there isn’t enough real world time to do that – I can’t spend every hour of the day expanding.     But given the competition among top empires to stay on the leaderboard, you get sucked in and find yourself encouraged to never stop moving ships and establishing colonies.     Money is a trivial thing at this point in the game too – nothing matters except time.

You can go at least three ways that I can see – 1) Organize a guild and lead others in developing, 2) Expand like a virus 3) Make incredibly-long-distance warfare.      Having tried #3, I am going to stick with #2.