The Burbankanova empire continues to expand, pretty much along the parameters from last post.

Still bearing down.

Still bearing down.

The Coricyn empire shows no activity, and I’ve moved in further and chopped them down.   This front is getting less attention than Neutral Good however.    That area is taking just a ton of time and effort to assimilate so I’m not too hot on wiping out Coricyn for the moment.

The shrunken remnant of Neutral Good

The shrunken remnant of Neutral Good

Having pulverized his tiny fleet and filled in nicely the swiss cheese that was his empire, he’s looking pretty small.    Colony ships are on the way to the next ten, and this will progress until he’s gone.    True to his word, he’s offered no resistance.

If he could have turned his empire more “green” and filled everything in we’d still be neutral neighbors.    Well, if you don’t have time to play, I suppose this is inevitable.   It was really driving me crazy.

Just two stars in the middle and it's time.

Just two stars in the middle and it’s time.

I am the pink on the right side.   Inkdium is the green line of systems going north and south.   And Coricyn is above us both.     I’m very close to saying hi, once that colonizer gets where it needs to.

I have a vague idea to expand straight southwards from here and give him something of a “box” to expand in.   He’s clearly very very very slow.   I want to get off to the right foot with him, which I really didn’t with Neutral Good.

Population is climbing over 5.5 million, but only really noteworthy once I pass perhaps 10 million – if ever.