When I first started War Worlds, I looked at the players with 5 million population and thought, “Wow how could that ever happen ?”.    And then, it did !

Over the hump !

Over the hump !

It’s very clarifying to look at the amount of empty space around me, and how much I have managed to fill with my colonies.     I will never encounter another player with the rules set as they are currently.    They’re just too far away.     Hopefully the changes Dean has mentioned, wherein new players start in areas of abandoned empires, happens at some point.     Maybe it already has and I just need to sit tight, because otherwise this is a game against the natives for me.

But then, there’s wormholes.  The cloaked scout bug has been fixed, allowing my fleet to run rampant against the enemy.    Seems my war template will include building one-world outpost systems, then scorched earth, throughout his empire, letting the nearby allies pick up the systems.    Total to date is an unimpressive 3.

What I also notice is his population is continuing to rise.    That makes me question the value of the war unless he’s surrounded, but I think someone is working on that.    I’ll do my part – it doesn’t take that much effort in the first place.    It does take plenty of money.

In the meantime, I am going to eat Curufin and Neutral Good and clean up after this insane expansion spree I had initiated.