So much for the plan – establish a base, then go fight.      I think establishing the base got my fleet stuck.

Attacking !     (attacking what?)

Attacking ! (attacking what?)

When this happens to a colony ship, it rubber-bands back to the destination from which it came, and you simply change the stance from aggressive to passive, and regain control of the fleet.    Not so this stack.     Changing the stance does nothing.     Nor can I merge it with the single fighter I rush-built, so I guess I just have to wait until it gets undone, somehow.

I am confused about if this is the “Cloaked Scout Bug” I am hearing about or not.   I don’t think that’s what went wrong – this stack was fine until my colony ships arrived.   They immediately began attacking some 0 stacks of native fighters which were still existing on the system, despite my 100k fighters sitting there.   The combat stopped after the fighters fired at the natives – presumably, destroying them – but still went for 50 rounds.   And after that is when I noticed I couldn’t move them.

I bet if a non-ally moved ships (like, 1 fighter) to this system, I would destroy them and be unstuck.    I wonder if I can convince someone to do this.

Another thing went a bit wrong for me – having my base and its sensor array didn’t matter in the slightest.    My allies have taken care of all of the enemies colonies in its range.  No matter.  I built a bunch of scout ships and am going to select targets and rush build replacement fighters, and troopships.    Scouts should arrive by 6 am PST.

But that’s on the traditional warfare front, which I haven’t really explored yet.   And clearly, I’m not so good at.   On the “Expand big” front things are moving along.

Delta now 240k.

Delta now 240k.

This is after one full day of little else besides War Worlds.   I managed to settle a bunch of stars and get closer to Gargron, but I’ve spent all the colony ships I had parked on other stars.     The guy must be unemployed, or account sharing, to be able to put in this many moves.    Me, I’m just not doing any real work; total slacker.

I sent a last set of messages to Curufin, since I was surprised to see he has some colony ships with cryo freezers on them.    I thought that was a more recent invention than when he had been active.     If he doesn’t answer, he’ll be attacked in a week or so.     Also taking empty stars – which Neutral Good claims are his, then never colonized for 3 months, even though colony ships are SITTING on the stars.     Yeah.    That bugs the hell out of me for some reason so they will soon be mine.