My go-to game at the moment is Fallen Earth, when I can tear myself away from War Worlds.    I am having quite a bit of fun with this very old title.

My character (Marcellus Gibbs) is at level 17 with more AP’s than I really know how to spend.    I hope the points I am investing in mutation will pay off with cool new skills at some point.     He is a melee character, so invested in strength, endurance, intelligence, and perception.   And otherwise, I collect the various tradeskill items and try to keep them stored in some sensible fashion.

Even with 64 slots, and 4 different banks, I am beginning to have trouble storing all of that stuff and am very interested in the rumored bank expansions.   I began working on my construction skill in anticipation of this.    A quick googling reveals the appropriate wiki page – and these start at construction skill 150, which I am far away from currently.  Apparently you can also increase your pack size, and Barter and Sector vaults, via the marketplace.

Roughly 1 cent = 1 G1C

Roughly 1 cent = 1 G1C

A more complete understanding comes from the Gamers First Storage FAQ.    To really go nuts and expand your space to the maximum, you have to acquire one of each type of expansion – you cannot add two 8 slot “exclusive” sector vault expansions.    You need a “handmade” and “reward” one to add for a total possible of three.    And go with 16 slots for more space.

The crafting works pretty well.    If anything, it goes too fast at my level.     Without careful planning I doubt I could keep the crafting going for 24 hours, and I’m not being careful at all.    Then again, long crafting time will probably come with higher levels so I’m not going to worry too much about it.    What’s really weird is crafting the books.

You can craft food with the cooking skill, obviously.    You get the recipes from books.    But a lot of your books contain a recipe, for another book.    Cold Prep 1 has the secret to constructing a book Cold Prep 2, which will then give you additional recipes.    Pretty neat, if you ask me.    I started crafting a bunch of these last night.

There are tiers to the raws you will need, it seems – Tainted Water moves on to Questionable Water, and probably something else after that.    I am getting stuck with the Scrap Glass (Very rare) and Plain Spice (Needed for most of the cooking books I want).

And for the moment, I am trying to improve my character so he can move on from the first sector to the second; and finish up several of the main story quests.   They look kind of hard to finish at his level.    I am currently in Old Kingman trying to finish up a lot of quests, and entering the Prison in search of Casta Gaunt and his minions.    I think this is a bit like a raid so I have no idea if I can accomplish this solo.    Going to have to see.