Say the wrong thing – and get banned.  And the wrong thing has nothing to do with swearing, treating people wrong, or flooding.  Instead, the ban hammer continues to come down on anyone that the unknown attackers (Which is Yggdrasil as far as the community can tell) do not like.  Special emphasis is placed on any Dominion member.

So Dean either thinks this is no big deal, or he will take a while to deal with the problem.  Either way, I haven’t seen this much lack of response to a denial of service attack….. ever.  But I suppose this can be seen as no big deal since the core gameplay is preserved, and you can chat safely in Alliance chat channels or private messages.

But chat in General chat and you risk losing the ability to send private messages and alliance chat.  So the general chat is empty except trollish messages.

I am now in competition with Gargron to stay in 9th place worldwide.    This is a player with almost twice as many stars as I have.    I am guessing I’m going to lose this competition, but you never know.