And the wormholes…. are a bust.

A wormhole ship moving into position.

A wormhole ship moving into position.

Then, after it moves into position, it disappears from the screen, so you can’t tune it to another wormhole.

But the odder thing is my watching the chat function and finding out that the game is under a denial of service attack by some griefer !

This is wrong...

This is wrong…

All the well known names from chat seem to be banned at the moment.   I believe I have escaped banning, probably because my chat activity consists of free speech advocacy.    But this is a whole different ballgame.

I think Dean is going to need to modify the chat ban system because it’s not difficult to grief with.

Edit :

Reportedly, the chat ban system is extremely open to abuse.  The idea is that a number of complaints need to be logged, which is not disclosed, in order to give a person a chat ban.  Apparently the problem is, once a ban is ready and in progress, the very same person can continually press “report” and increase the size of the ban.  And bans are in 2^? increments, at 2 hours, 4 hours, etc up until the actual time becomes centuries.

Just so I’m not left out, I apparently got hit as well.