War Worlds now has wormholes.  They are not expensive at all for a large empire – a few days construction time on a highly developed system.  And they work as previously described – build two (either you or your alliance members), and “tune” them to work with one another.

Rather than explain them myself here’s a link to Dean’s blog.

I am not seeing a way for me to use them for my empire – I am in a nonwar stance given my location, along with giving away money to support the Dominion war effort.  I just creep along and expand as much as possible, while remembering I have a job and family.  Without a doubt, I could play my empire for 12 hours a day, and expect it to get to 24 in a few weeks.

What remains to be seen is, what impact they will have on my empire specifically, out here in no-one-lives-here land.    I’ve built one to hold by my homeworld and we’ll see what develops.

In the meantime – just under 4 million souls living in Burbankanova today.