The press release popped into my email this morning.  It’s been a long time coming, but apparently it’s here :

Carmageddon: Reincarnation to launch as an
Early Access release on Steam! Blood, Laughs,
Amazing Pile-ups and more Cows than ever!

Friday, 28th February 2014. Isle of Wight, UK. Stainless Games announces that on the 27th of March 2014, fans who have been waiting for what has seemed an eternity (but is actually a mere 17 years) will finally be able to play the sequel to the original “points for pedestrians” car smash carnage-fest Carmageddon, as the Early Access release of Carmageddon: Reincarnation launches on Steam.


I was wondering if I had wasted my Kickstarter money ($15), but seems I was wrong.    When I had pledged, back in May 2012, it was when I was still anti-Steam.   Seems I will also get a Steam version of the game.

Your Rewards Breakdown

Reward Description
Credit on Carmageddon.com Get your name on the credits for Carmageddon:Reincarnation on Carmageddon.com
Credit in-game Get your name on the credits for Carmageddon:Reincarnation in the game
DRM-free Download A DRM-free non-Steam version of the PC Game to download
1 x Digital Steam Download 1 x Digital download of the game via Steam
Exclusive Wallpaper Exclusive Wallpaper


So just about two weeks to go and presumably I’ll have a new pedestrian-smashing game to show yall.