I have been collecting various Steam games, and have even hit the threshold to have a scrolling list.    So just what have I ended up with ?

Well - there's the list.

Well – there’s the list

Bad ideas = Borderlands2.  Crusader Kings 2.    Post Apocalyptic Mayhem.    Sengoku.    Star Ruler.
Never played = Gal Civ 2 (at least, on Steam).   Gettysburg.   GTA IV.   Mafia.   Patrician III.   Skyward Collapse.   Space Trader – Merchant Marine.   Tank Universal.   X-Com : Enemy Unknown.
Extensive Play, not covered in this post : Civ 5.   Long Live the Queen.   Saints Row the Third.   Sims 3.   Torchlight II.   Tropico 4.    Universe in a Sandbox.    X-Com : The Original.
Didn’t grab me for some reason : Fallout New Vegas.   Magicka.
Democracy 3 is an interesting game.   So far I am a big failure, all three times I’ve played.      It’s a bit short on action, is probably its biggest issue.    That, or it’s just too flaming hard.
You need to get re-elected to win the game, and start out with about 20% support for the United States.    No matter who I pander to, I either get booted out at game end or assassinated.    And all three games, SOMEONE is trying to assassinate me.    Maybe it just needs some study.
Dragons Lair and Space Ace – Awesome nostalgia for children of the ’80s.
Endless Space – I still fire this up from time to time, it’s a reasonable 4x game.
Flatout, various versions.     Kicks the llama’s ass.
Lucid – A fun puzzler.     Played for a few days and am close to the top “level”.
Stardrive – Loses me right away at the exploration model (Just let your ships auto explore !)