Just a quick update – enjoying a lot of Fallen Earth.

Now level 13 and new armor

Now level 13 and new armor

Currently finishing up questing in the newbie areas.     At first I just wandered and did quests and harvested as needed.     Guides for the game suggest you finish many questlines as they reward additional AP’s so I have given in to my natural tendency to quest and am finishing a bunch of them up.

The world of Fallen Earth - So Far

The world of Fallen Earth – So Far

I have throughly explored Clinton Farm (my starting area), Midway, Odenville, Mumford, and am currently finishing up quests in Boneclaw.    I’ve explored some of the other areas but I’m going to just work my way through all of these little burbs and see what develops as I go.    Next stop – Embry Crossroads.   A real large city in FE terms.

The combat is fun, but the visuals are really growing on me.    I feel like I’m really in the southwest wandering around as I see the sun rise and set around me.     And this is a real crafting game – find recipes, pick up junk, and make it into cool things.    I am wielding a spear I crafted for myself, and wearing odd bits and pieces of armor which I mostly made as well.