Today new bugs appeared in the War Worlds game, and the whole thing is getting very irritating.     The things I am putting up with now include :

  • Can’t access the star map.      Scrolling the map seems to crash the game every time.    This will certainly kill the game unless it’s fixed very quickly – no new player would put up with such nonsense.
  • The workaround seems to be, use your sitrep reports to get to particular stars you are working on.     If you don’t remember their names, you are hosed.
  • Chat is unusable – at least by me.    I can only use it if it is the first thing I do after entering the game.   Otherwise the lag is 30 seconds plus, and the phone sleeps, further lagging it.
  • “Red Stars”, formerly colonized by small players, cannot be colonized.    Anything the former player had is not attackable.
  • Rubber-banding colony ships.     The workaround is, send them again.   Costs money each time though.
  • Alliance requests are broken.
  • (Workaround not published as it is a competitive advantage.    The Dominion knows all…..)
  • Game just crashes.     Workaround is to restart it, and it won’t crash every time you’re doing whatever you were doing.

It’s especially frustrating since I was *this close* to entering the Top 10 by pushing down Sunny Universe the inactive.     Another 33k or so population to go, which is perhaps 10 stars.

I suspect half the reason for this is our Dev – Dean Harding – is busy working on wormholes, or whatever his day job is.     And I could care less about wormholes.    I have nothing but empty space everywhere I look, although most players are in a much different situation.

I have a new policy to cut down on the damnable “too much stuff” in the  SitRep.     Most stars are now on a 60 day build queue – so I set the production to whatever multiple of 5,000 fighters is closest to that.      This is because of the “feature” that you cannot build more than 5000 fighters (or any ships, for that matter) in one “lump”.     So you just build instead, say, 10 stacks of 5,000 fighters.     If it takes 5 days 22 hours to build 5,000, then 10 can be built in just under 60 days.

This cuts down on the frequency of working the reports in Sitrep, but in April I am going to get 10 sitrep reports telling me I built fighters, where I’d really prefer to get one.    Well, you have to do what you can or quit playing, and I love oozing out over the universe still.