That’s right – the strangest and most irritating War Worlds bug has to be the rubber-banding colony ship.

You send out some colony ships, maybe three destinations from one star.    You get a message like this one in your Sitrep :

Hmm.   I don't think I sent TWO groups to that star...

Hmm. I don’t think I sent TWO groups to that star…

But the message actually means that one colony ship is mysteriously back at the system you sent them out from.     You are out the fee you paid to move the ship, and wasted time.    It may even be “attacking” and hard to move (Hint : Just change it to passive).      And the only solution is for you to move it again.

Currently expanding into a big square of space between my empire and Coricyn, which will take a pretty long time to fill up, and still inching southward towards curufin.     I’m trying to take this a bit slower.     Here I am with all this computing power at home, and I sit and peck away at my phone for hours at a time instead ?    Plus, I am irritating the wife who has noticed that “You play that game a whole lot !   Just watch the Olympics with me !”

In any event, I have reached a milestone on the leaderboards :

One. Thousand.   Stars.

One. Thousand. Stars.

Should shortly find myself in position #11 as well since Eat More Humans has gone inactive, along with Sunny Universe, according to the rumor mill in the chat function.