I got curious and looked into Fallen Earth a bit more than “Wow, its on Steam, has achievements, and is free”.

Apparently this is an MMO from 2009 thus accounting for some of the old, dated look.    The game was not originally a free-to-play, but a subscription.    It was converted after being bought by Gamers First.

So all that explains my lack of knowledge about the game.     I’ve been tanking for two years and paying minimal attention to more traditional MMO’s.    Even before that, I had little interest in another subscription.

Meet Marcellus Gibbs, post-apocalyptic melee fighter.

Meet Marcellus Gibbs, post-apocalyptic melee fighter.

Gotta harvest them all

Gotta harvest them all

The best way to progress includes running the quests given out.    Not the repeatable quests; there are lists of exactly what matters.    In this way you get bonus AP points, which are important independent of level.

The guide also clued me in on how to spend them.     I have a melee character.    Strength – Intelligence – Coordination – and Perception.   Ignore the rest.    Intelligence is necessary for crafting, and if you’re not crafting why play this game.

And horses – more useful for the simple fact of bag space.    The “Old Nag” default horse I have has a mere two bags, but others apparently have more.   But it’s probably difficult to fill the Embry Crossroads banks, which is four sets of banking slots, 64 slots each.

The crafting is definitely the heart of the game.    Nearly everything you loot is a crafting ingredient.     Where do you get your weapons and armor ?    You craft them, although some quests reward gear.     Kill baddies quickly for lots of crafting items.

The game has a sick number of Steam achievements and I’m working my way through the list for giggles.      Visiting each town and looking through a tourist telescope gives one.     Kill counts give more, and someday I may have 75 skill points possible in crafting, which will allow me to earn some for that.

Grand total to date for all Steam achievements : 219.     Most of them are still Civ5 achievements but Fallen Earth is moving up there.