War Worlds is an all consuming experience.    I have spent the weekend doing as much as possible – it’s all about how many different actions you can take, in support of conquering the natives.

I now realize what a lucky place I got as far as a starting area.    There isn’t anybody out there.    Compare this with the players who started first in the galactic core, where they can’t expand without hitting other players.    Instead, me, I am aggressively heading towards my neighbors because it’s more fun.

First would be Neutral Good.    I am a bit surprised by my reaction still, but it’s there.    I am getting pretty determined to destroy him because he irritates me for no good reason.

After testing him to see just how “AFK” he was, he sent out and colonized two or three more stars and sent fighters as placeholders to stake out territory.     But of course, it doesn’t seem like he’s logged in since.    Private messages also confirm this, where I reminded him if he’s not playing he’s fair game.    And he’s going to do it only sporadically, obviously.

So the strategy now changes.     The biggest thing I should do is not go after him until really and totally ready to wipe him out.     To this end I am working on surrounding his area, without disturbing his fighters around uncolonized worlds.

Neutral Good - Western front

Neutral Good – Western front

I have ships en route to several of those stars and plan to take out the two one-star empires as well.    Those two uncolonized worlds I’ve surrounded have his fighters orbiting them, easily wreckable, but remember the point is not to alert him by having his phone start beeping “You are under attack” until I can do all of them.

Neutral Good - Eastern Front

Neutral Good – Eastern Front

Things are much trickier here and should require a lot more expansion.    He has fighters parked on 14 or so stars, so I just need to expand past him and keep moving northward.     When the encirclement is enough, just dive in and take them.

The plan is to simply declare that I want the unoccupied stars which he hasn’t gotten around to colonizing yet.    He may not like that – but he might withdraw.    If he doesn’t I’ll just take them.   This time, he won’t be able to react by sending a bunch of fighters to other nearby stars.     Let him go North instead.    He won’t go to war, he’s not that dumb.

So Neutral Good, it’s all about Plotting right now.

Then there is the Wibbit empire.     These stars are being Ground down.

Invasion fleets ready

Invasion fleets ready

Fighters on the way to one, and will be sending others soon, to the two northernmost stars.     The two uncolonized ones in there are special cases – the northern one will not support life.   The southern one Wibbit has a monstrously large fleet on for no good reason – he never colonized it.     So that will have to wait a bit.

I have more fighters incoming to take the two south-western stars as well, which are well defended with over 7,000 fighters each.    Survivors of all of these fights will push westward until it’s all over.

This is very good practice for any future “real fight” against another player.     To win with most of your fighters, send 2x the number he has.     Even the same amount can win, if the enemy stacked his in separate stacks – the more, the worse.    And even just a few % more than his will win the fight.

The size of my empire keeps increasing, which is fun as well :

Just shy of 3 million people.

Just shy of 3 million people.