The MMO blog world was alight this week with news of Vanguard’s shuttering on 7/31/14.    All of yall are commenting on this including Bhagpuss (with a thoughtful musing about the loss of artistic endeavor w-r-t MMO’s) and Stargrace (who is, simply, sad), to Wilhelm who has far too broad a set of thoughts to summarize.

My immediate reactions are two.   First; I’m not at all surprised.   SOE cannot be making money like it used to, considering subscription dollars are drying up.    And it’s hard to work up much outrage, myself.    Unlike many others, I can’t keep playing different games with the high fantasy theme.    I think I’m pretty much done at this point with it, even.

And second : I think I’ll be subscribing again.     It certainly would be fun to be online when the world ends – you don’t get that opportunity much.    Not for a game you’ve actually played, if you’re like me.    I am a deep explorer of few titles, versus a shallow explorer of many.    And this is one that I did play for a fair number of months, if memory serves.

Odd isn’t it.     I would likely never have resubscribed to this game again, if it stayed alive.   But it’s impending death brings interest.    So today, is it Rising or Falling at To Game For Life ?

But I won’t look at it now.    I have about 30 days left of premium World of Tanks time.    And the galaxy needs conquering in War Worlds.