There’s still plenty of activity with World of Tanks going on.

I continue to enjoy reading the Rocket Brain Surgeon blog, where a recent post describes how to bounce shots more effectively with the E-75.     Excellent advice.

It had never occurred to me, not to turn around when the enemy is behind…… but wait for him to shoot and present an angle for his shot to bounce off.    And back up or otherwise jink to keep him from shooting me in the ass.

It’s also good to know about the weak spots on the front of the tank.    There’s a few tiny spots to aim at if the commander’s hatch isn’t available, although the hatch is something I find very easy to hit and penetrate, most of the time.

I'm officially a Master French Tanker again.

I’m officially a Master French Tanker again.

I finally got the needed arty (BC 155 55) as the last kill of a game on swamp.    The player (with the hysterical name I C U do U C Me?) tried bouncing in and out from a rock, and I caught him on a bounce out for the medal, at last.

Still, no kill for the GW E 100.    I think I’ll be hunting that thing forever.    Had it in my sights one game, but another player got the shot before me.    Last night I saw one right in front of me – but hidden behind a rock.    I couldn’t get the kill shot because I couldn’t change my angle.     While I almost screamed with frustration, if you have a game where your XP earned is higher than that of CHAI and HAVOK players – and by a lot, even – that’s a pretty decent consolation prize.

Progress continues on eliting tanks.   I’ve elited the two Tier 4 Jap tanks Ke-Ho and the Chi-He.     I liked the Ke-Ho, it’s a nice scout tank, but the Chi-He is a natural candidate for being sold.   Where I was really an idiot was working on unlocking “the next tank” for both of these beasts.     I felt like a knucklehead when this happened.

Oh.   They both have the same tank.

Oh. They both have the same tank.

(Is it considered a problem to use the word “Jap” ?     It feels so natural.    This is a World War II game after all.   And I am the son of a Guadalcanal vet.    I would never use it to refer to a person, however.)

Also elited the Matilda.    Oh, that is a good tank.     I don’t care that it’s slow if I can bounce that many shots.     I will be keeping that beast and playing it more at some point in the future.

Over the weekend there was a good sale on American iron, and I bought a whole bunch of tanks.    I’ve elited the Sherman Jumbo, which didn’t play all that well but was much more fun than the Sherman or Easy 8 has been lately.   It wasn’t hard to elite – just tracks and the turret.      I might keep this beast, might not.

Otherwise matches consist of the shortlist Jagdtiger, JP E100, KV-5, AMX AC 46 TD, and the Covenanter.     My win rate continues to move up, meaning I must be doing something right.    The Jagdtiger in particular plays like a much different vehicle with it’s 85-ish% crew.    There’s no way I’ll hit 100% before the goal # of matches is reached.    And all I have to do is add any one of my roughly 8 un-elited tanks to the shortlist after that.

Like the E-75 for instance.    It’s a beast, but I’d rather get the credit boost for German TD’s and just work the lower tiers more.