The Wibbit empire is grinding down slowly under the assault of Burbankanova.

That's 3 of his stars now mine.

That’s 3 of his stars now mine.

I continue to build up a fleet to destroy his one star I’ve surrounded; and also develop all those other stars near him.    It will take a while.    I’ve eaten the easy meat – the few stars he had that were lightly defended.    9,000 fighters are difficult to defeat.

My empire has reached a very unwieldy state.     Build queues are filled with fighters until I notice a star for some reason – like it’s near the edge of the empire.     And with the fantastically large tax revenue I now have, I am finding myself more and more simply buying an invasion fleet and sending it off.

It still remains difficult to play “the right amount”.    I’m at the tail end again of overexpansion which required me to work so many stars it got irritating.      The trick is the long flight time for a colony ship; they are typically around 24 hours for a normal distance.   Sometimes 8 hours for very short distances, and 36-48 for a longer one.

Moving up on a broad front

Moving up on a broad front

Also watching Neutral Good.     Talk about proving the principles of Sun Tzu.    I think by moving next to him and being active colonizing stars, he simply got discouraged and stopped playing.    Thus, I’ve “won the battle” without firing a shot.    And I keep thinking I want his stars, which is a little silly in that so many are available.    And yet sensible in that if he isn’t playing, why not ?

And the statistics bear me out as a power player – over 2.5 million people in the empire.    Not too likely to pass Carney’s as he is also expanding at a reasonable pace.

And that's an ally directly above me.

And that’s an ally directly above me.