The currently running event – On Track to the JPE 100 – inspired me to finish the grind.

And I immediately bought the JPE 100.

And I immediately bought the JPE 100.

I ended up with a 75% crew in my Jagdtiger and moved the crew (90% primary skills) into the JPE.     That will be a painful bunch of matches with the JT but I sure don’t want to sell it, I want to finish piling on the matches with it.    And I have a new goal now, a 100% primary crew.

I missed the crew retraining special, and really, blowing all this gold on crewmen is probably not the best investment anyway, even at 50% off.    I have an awful lot of crewmen, in an awful lot of tanks.    Now, if I had stayed with a small number of slots it might be different.

The JPE 100 is slow, ponderous, and has a fantastic and deadly gun.     When I get a shot, I hardly have to aim.    That is, when I get a shot.     That’s tricky with a tank like this and the necessity of the TD to lurk along long view ranges, and beware arty.

What I need to figure out is what other pieces of equipment to give it.     A rammer is a given.    Do I go with Vents, GLD, Spall Liner, or something less obvious ?     I don’t have a lot of matches in it yet to know.    And the matches I’ve had have been an awful lot of fun.