The Burbankanova way to expand :

  • Build 200 fighters
  • Build however many troopships are needed
  • Buy colony ships that are needed
  • Move the whole kit-n-kaboodle to the nearest star
  • Take over

The Dominion way to expand :

  • Buy fighters in lots of 125
  • Buy colony ships
  • Send a pair to nearby stars.    And one farther out, and one farther, etc, until you are many stars deep.
  • When you get around to it, examine the stars and colonize.
  • Buy colony ships and troop ships as needed – at the newly colonized star.
  • Take over

I went ahead and tried it the Dominion way after getting “Development Aid”, also known as a cash gift from the alliance.    The immediate effect was a deluge of “fighters arriving in ABC system” messages in the SitRep.    These weren’t much of a problem.

As the days passed, however, I became overwhelmed dealing with the Sitrep and a new problem.    Where in the hell is star ABCD anyway on the map ?     With no particular geographic area to examine, I was reduced to reviewing all stars in alphabetical order.

There’s one big problem with this method – IT’S NOT FUN.    I am determinedly ignoring the map in favor of running alphabetically through all my stars, to catch 1) stars not producing anything for no good reason, 2) stars where I need to colonize all the planets still, and 3) stars that need to start producing fighters etc.   So for this reason there’s no map shots of Wibbit and Neutral Good’s borders.

So expansion is on hold for the moment while I clean up after this orgy of colonizing.    In the meantime, I’ve moved up quite a bit in the rankings :

Getting pretty high

Getting pretty high

2.2 million people and almost 6.5 million ships.    And no end in sight to the wide open spaces of the galaxy.