One advantage to finding out about a game later in its life (assuming, it’s any good in the first place) is that plenty of people have written about it.    Long Live the Queen is no exception here, and I will link amusing tales by journalists and bloggers I’ve come across.

  • Eric Vanderveer – Who finds out what happens playing an angry, paranoid princess.
  • The Mary Sue – In which a pink-hating girl journalist games like an admin analyst and makes me laugh.
  • Lady Geek Girl – who compares LLTQ with Princess Maker and thinks about what lessons the games are giving out.
  • Paul Tristan Fergus – who takes the game extremely seriously and pronounces it the birth of high art within computer gaming (?).
  • Cheratomo – Who laments the lost opportunities during his her many playthroughs.

In the meantime, I’m still identifying important events.

  1. The very first skill check you have is composure, to see if you will hold still when the milk viper is at your feet.    All you need is a skill of ten.   Even with the -1 penalty you get on the first week, this is doable with two classes.     If you can hold still, Charlotte and her family will still leave.     Whether this is important or not during the story I haven’t found out yet.
  2. The Chocolate Death seems to feature numerous ways to avoid it – including poison (naturally), dog handling, various intrigues and courtly skills.     I should catalog a list.
  3. Visiting your long-lost friend (why is she writing me ?) includes an assassination attempt you had better be ready to avoid.
  4. The invasion seems to require a high skill in naval combat to fight off well.    If you don’t, don’t fret – a magic using duel may evolve.    Preparing for either of these two eventualities is probably required to survive.    I didn’t need to do much after that and my only win in the game.