Wow.   I never imagined War Worlds could end up being so addicting, but it is.      I am striving towards several loosely-related goals.

#1 – Put a “box bottom” around Neutral Good respecting the treaty we agreed to.    Why ?   Because it’s fun.    Trying to spread in a dedicated direction is surprisingly enjoyable.

#2 – Become a bigger empire.      This is always a goal.   Finding myself in 25th place gamewide makes it start to seem real.

#3 – Border up with Wibbit.     There is a one-star empire right next to him, Que Taco, which has three planets colonized.    Once I’m next to them, I’ll message them and proceed from there.     I am a single star away from Que Taco.

Blowing tons of money makes these things easier.     Once my ships reach a star system and establish a colony, I don’t have to wait for the next phase of my invasion fleet to be built – I just buy them.     Send them on their way and improve the area at my leisure.    In this way I’ve managed to extend outward much faster, and in specific directions.

And because this is a mobile game, I have the thing everywhere I go.    And I play at every spare minute and even some when I shouldn’t.

The new feature coming soon is wormholes, which promise to shorten travel times.   It may be possible to actually fight empires far from you, soon.     The gist of the feature is you will build expensive ships – or you and your allies.      The ships will tune each other to create a wormhole between them.     Movement through the wormhole is cheaper than through space.

I may find myself vulnerable after all, so it’s time to get back to the game and grow bigger.