Got a response directly from the War Worlds developer – what I was seeing is apparently a “combat results bug”, never mind that I can’t see any kind of a trail that leads to that being the problem.      He knows the game code, I don’t.    After limiting the reports, suddenly I can collect tax revenue again.    Yay !   Burbankanova is back.

Although, I probably should rename my empire, if possible, to my nom-de-cyber of MrrX.    It costs $2.50 but who am I kidding – I am loving this game and shouldn’t be afraid of supporting it.

Now with over $4 million of cash I am again in the position of too much money.    Isn’t it strange ?    My cashflow is about $1 million a day which almost all gets spent – I’m rich !    By contrast, having 2.5 million in the bank with no income and tons of expenses makes me poor !

It was certainly a strange experience, to be kicked out of a game because of a bug.   And to really want to continue playing.      I was going nuts trying to be patient.     I’d much rather get bored with something, or find a new game, rather than lose access to something I’m enjoying like happened here.