One idea I had for troubleshooting my Burbankanova account in War Worlds was, simply, to create an additional account.     Having multiple google emails is all that is required, so I went ahead and created the Olive Tree account on my second email.

The troubleshooting didn’t help – I can collect taxes from Olive Tree, but not Burbankanova.    Maybe it’s a server problem and I am absolutely hosed.    But this also gives me a chance to document and play the game smarter from the beginning.     If nothing else, it’s a quick empire to play with my game experience.

Decent little starting system

Decent little starting system

You start out with two colony ships, which of course I immediately used to colonize two of the other worlds in my system.    1 and 4 are now trying to max their population, while 5 is building a silo and erecting biospheres.

The standard method I have for building out a planet is – build one complete silo for the system, perhaps the first planet colonized.    And then build all the biospheres – well, buy them, but this time I have no money.      So first step was for 5 to get all its biospheres built.    This, and the silo, were completed on Day 1.

1 and 4, having finished populating the “standard amount”, began creating their biospheres on Day 2, with help from 5.   After that was completed, they all capped out their population.    Designated 1 as the ship building planet, and started work on a first batch of fighters.    And thus ends Day 2.

Day 3 starts with the fighters being sent to the closest system – 2 planets, one asteroid, but one pretty nice water planet.    More fighters are under construction, and 3 has been colonized and is beginning to build up.

Once you really know what to do, in your gut, it’s very easy to play.     If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s not like it’s hard either.