Wow, I have definitely been busy expanding the circle of my War Worlds empire.

400 stars and 4 million ships.

400 stars and 4 million ships.

(Well, it’s 4 million today but I like the 400 even star screenshot).

The majority of those ships are surely fighters built at no more than 5000 in a batch.    So that’s more than 800 fleets being constructed and kept, minimum, and more likely around triple that – 5k fleets are only built on mature stars with no need to expand.

Top empire has about 8.3m people in it.    I don’t think he’s changed that much over the last few months, perhaps added .5m to it.    #3 has changed over the last few months from being a 4m empire (Rice Cracker Imperium) to a 6.5m empire (Cakies), and he’s clearly going to take over the top spot at some point.    Could the Burbankanova empire get into this rarified air at some point ?

Finding myself flirting with position #30 is surprising and interesting.     I am indeed one of the top players of the game, although I know some empires below me are moving up quick and may pass me.

I’ve been playing the game for 3 months and have around 1.3m people.     How many more in another month ?     2m doesn’t sound impossible, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve gone from 300 to 400 systems.   I doubt I can keep up this pace, but who knows for sure.

I went ahead and played until my funds dwindled down to $2,000,000.    Then I went ahead and collected my tax money.    What do I find ?    Over $3,000,000 in the bank.      So I went looking for something to spend my money on, wastefully.

I found star system Ker, jutting out a bit from the rest of my empire, with four stars nearby it uncolonized.    The system was just ramping up to being able to build ships.   So I bought a whole bunch of ships to speed it all up.

Invasion fleets on the way!

Invasion fleets on the way!

Even this determinedly spendthrift move blows $250k only.    And money always has value, in case of attack, so I won’t be completely stupid with it.    Still what this shows is it’s pretty hard to overspend by the later game.

State of the border with Neutral Good

State of the border with Neutral Good

Not much change with our nearby systems, but the “wings” of my empire are expanding up and also seeking out the corners of the box we’ve sketched out.     21 horizontal, and -46 to -50 vertical, that’s his area.     Once I hit those corners I may or may not keep moving up northward.

Somehow, it’s more fun to expand with that kind of goal in mind – can I just pen him in geographically ?

Now, the west side of the empire, is getting close to a presumably inactive player –

Hello, Wibbit empire.

Hello, Wibbit empire.   Note that that’s Ker sticking out from the West side.

Every since I first saw this one, his empire has looked pretty much like that, so he’s probably not actually playing anymore.    I’ve moved quite a bit closer to him.    I’ll expand up to his borders and say hi, and see what happens.

If he responds, I will probably initiate a friendship treaty with him and define a piece of space I’m happy with him expanding into.   I bet he’ll be just fine with that.

If he doesn’t respond, I’ll wipe out this little fiefdom and see how well (or badly) that goes.