Negotiations have begun.

The common border, just as I'm getting into discussions.

The common border, just as I’m getting into discussions.

I have proposed a “Mason-Dixon” line of 21 Y coordinate.    It’s easy to remember that way.     My stars are below that, and his are above.    There will be exceptions however.

I have ships en route to Valdagleg, Faf, Graf, Puthwel, “Orange Ran”, Garia, and “White Ran”.      These are mine, pretty much, in my mind.    Still I also propose withdrawing from Garia because it’s pretty high up there.

And from here on out, I only go with a -21 or higher coordinate which won’t be much of a problem.     The trick is, I want a common border with my neighbor so I’ll want him to expand down to that level.     Still, the “exceptions” also pretty much forge a border as the space looks at the moment.

State of the space at this very moment.    I am definitely expanding towards him.

State of the space at this very moment. I am definitely expanding towards him.

Hopefully this will be of interest to him.

I’ve also discovered another neighbor who is extremely powerful.     My North-eastern “Tip” star is -46.94, 21.57.     As I scan eastward I find the Imperial Empire of Poland starting at -40.55, 16.41.     This is a #12 ranked player and he’s pretty big.     This is the area I need to watch out for, but at least he is a huge distance away.

And for this reason my plan is to concentrate on expanding west and southward.    I may expand northward if Neutral Good can’t keep up with me, but only outside of his area (Let’s call his area -46 to -50).

And I will share information with my neighbor and perhaps help him out.    I sure don’t need cash and could give him some.   The problem is, the in-game chat system is OK but it can be really slow and crash a lot.     So I pointed him to the blog.   Let’s see if he comes here and reads this.