Long Live The Queen is an anime story-telling type game with a twist – the main character has skills you need to increase in order to survive.    The goal is to live long enough to become queen.    Or just fail and find out how many ways the developers have to kill a 14 year old girl.

Hat tip to Stephanie, who made me aware the game exists and that it’s fun.    Naturally, I had to buy it immediately.

It’s been done before.   I remember vaguely in the late 90’s, postings on Ars Technica led me to some similar game where you needed to guide your princess and teach her enough to grow up well.       Ah – Google found it – Princess Maker 2.    After having a ball with this, and forgetting about it, as soon as I heard about a new version I absolutely had to have it.

I had almost forgotten about this one.

I had almost forgotten about this one.

The gameplay is simple.   Follow the story, and choose various skills which are all helpful.    Survive long enough, and well enough, to become queen on your birthday.

A typical day's classes.

A typical day’s classes.

Each week there is the possibility of some event happening, which you either have to survive or will somehow affect the gameplay.

I have missed a poison check there.

I have missed a poison check there.

It seems the game is not too hard to win – a few reloads, and I won my third game.    Still, this is a fun little timewaster and may be good for the kids.    I got my boy to try it last night, I’m not sure he’s crazy about it, but anything that includes reading I try to expose them too.

Any game’s key is, if you don’t want to stop playing it.     Last night anyway, this had that feature.