That was fast –

Closing in on 300 systems and 900k people.

Closing in on 300 systems and 900k people.

I am keeping up well with my sitrep by constantly checking the phone, and am expanding in a circle.  No longer am I concerned about the size of my empire as a defensive action, it’s clear I will never be attacked unless I manage to piss off every player playing the game.      Now, instead, I am after the simple joy of eating everything nearby and trying to get closer to my neighbor.

First steps on that pathway are eating up the native stars to the north.      I took a large group of 2,000 fighters and parceled them up among ten stars which are in the way.

Spreading out from Miki

Spreading out from Miki

You can see Neutral Good’s stars up at the top of the screenshot.     Trying to expand to within one star of what he has.    That will minimize the chances of a collision between our fleets.

For whatever reason the game’s chat client is impossibly slow.    To try and get into it takes several minutes and the phone wants to sleep.    So talking will be a bit difficult.     This makes it more imperative to be discreet and try to clearly show my intentions.    I’m pretty much trying to get a common border and that’s it, I don’t particularly care if he eats the stars to his south instead of me.

The game also got an update today.    You can add additional features to your ships :

  • Cloaking.    Want to have a passive scout orbit your neighbor ?   Add a cloaking device and he can’t detect you.
  • Boost.    Want your fighters to move faster for a single trip ?   Install boost and then activate it.
  • Cryogenisis.   Want more colonists ?     Get 400 per ship by adding this.

Useful upgrades all, but at the stage of the game I am in, only Cryogenics seems useful so I’ll have to try that.